) At the same time the existing

) At the same time the existing benefits represented companies actually able to pay taxes in full and cancellation will lead to bankruptcy of enterprises and the loss of a large number of jobs. According to Raisa Borodkovoy , irregularities in the use of benefits provided by enterprises in the audit of the Accounts Chamber is not revealed.

Results of audits of funds to the road fund .

) At the same time the existing

According to the press service of the Ulyanovsk regional prosecutor’s office in the audit of funds to the Road Fund found that lack of timeliness of payments made by taxpayers , resulted in a loss of more than 600 million rubles. After checking the heads of 15 enterprises defaulters brought to administrative responsibility , initiated five criminal cases sent 5 submissions calling for the immediate elimination of the violations and the repayment of existing debt . Thanks to the prosecution of the measures already repaid violators 59720000 167 rubles.

Municipality does not comply with the agreement on payment of current payments and repayment of debt accumulated over the previous years.

Management of “Ulyanovskenergo” issued a statement, which refers to the current critical situation in Ulyanovsk with heating . According to ” Ulyanovskenergo ” Ulyanovsk municipality fails to meet previously signed a trilateral agreement on timely payment of current payments and repayment of debts accumulated in previous years.

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